+me on your left;  

+nail me to the cross w em;  bullet to the heart;  dairy;  

+;>;  head of bakesales;  winkwonk;  


relationship tip #2: look deeply into his eyes and whisper ‘i’m with you till the end of the line’ and th- fuck. fuckiing mother fucking shit . this was supposed to be a joke i was trying to make a joke but now im crying fucking s hIT i fucked up i fuckedu p i fUCKED 

+a 2 aspirin post;  goddamamnit;  


Heading Toward The Ancient Armenian City Of Kars - April 2014 (9/??)

by Sam Horine

+preferably stranger;  foreign wind;  

m0n64 submitted:

For when you find that specal someone

an eggagment ring

+retain suspicion of trends;  protein;  


Tughra (Official Signature) of Sultan Suleiman. Istanbul, Turkey. c. 1555-1560. Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper.

+ruled with a word;  names;  



aquarius- bad

pisces- bad

aries- good for ramming into things i suppose

taurus- ok i guess

gemini- no

cancer- extra bad

leo- nice

virgo- bad

libra- sometimes they ok but tbh dont waste ur time….

scorpio- ok

sagittarius- evil

capricorn- best

+thru w yeu;  ~~~;  


Francisco de Goya - Witches’ Sabbath (detail)(1821-1823)


Francisco de Goya - Witches’ Sabbath (detail)(1821-1823)

+ritual;  cabal;  


On Tuesday, a bonsai tree boldly went where no bonsai tree has gone before.

Azuma Makoto, a 38-year-old artist based in Tokyo, launched two botanical arrangements into orbit: “Shiki 1,” a Japanese white pine bonsai tree suspended from a metal frame, and an untitled arrangement of orchids, lilies, hydrangeas, and irises.

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