Fuck you and your shoulder waist ratio indeed.

+laughs because my blog currently;  clean cut wit da lean butt;  

+there was such a softness to his confusion;  such an appeal;  muy bello diablo;  


pyrebomb said: Are we talking about The Covenant? WE’RE TALKING ABOUT THE COVENANT. I love that movie. It’s one of those ones that is so fucking awful it crosses back over into absolutely amazing.

shit that movie had 1 purpose and that was to assemble a stable of like, twinks and then get them to take their shirts off with varying degrees of urgency

+pyrebomb;  didn't one of those guys wash up in the x-men?;  aaa memories;  

dreadpirateekre said: I re-watched it the other day because I had completely forgotten that he was in it, and… damn…

it’s not worth remembering tbh. I wish i could forget about it but every time i see sabstaian stan… I remember… 

"i’ll make you my wi-otch "

+dreadpirateekre;  he looked good though that is undeniable;  

hettolandija said: sadly it’s stuck for almost 8 years on my list with movies to watch. it’s time catch up finally

if you’re really going to go for it I recommend that you be drunk and also ever so slightly concussed

+hettolandija;  it's bad it's really fucking bad;  see it witha friend and then support each other through the aftermath;  

+finally scuttled my ass into ca:tws;  im tender;  bellows;  

+im goingt o piss my godamn pants;  i hope the money was worth it;  

does no one remember the covenant

this movie was so Important

+sebastian stans twink ssweat;  


In honor of the two conflicting holidays


In honor of the two conflicting holidays